Day Tickets

The Society offer a 'Member' day ticket system.

This works slightly different to a standard day ticket system and is more like a 'guest' ticket.

Members can buy a Day Ticket(s) to take a guest(s) onto one of our waters for £5. The guest(s) must be accompanied by the member when fishing and have their ticket available for inspection by one of the clubs bailiffs should they be asked. The only exception to this at the moment is on Broadgate where the angler does not need to be accompanied by a member. This is to encourage new members to the Society.

The value of the day ticket(s) can be offset against becoming a member of the Society in the year of issue. This system is aimed at encouraging new members of the Society.

Tickets are available from the following:-

Nigel Ashworth - 07964 793898
Tim Clegg - 07702 177059
Eddy Hegarty - 07976 798190
Matthew Tattersall - 07950 791260
Steven Wolstenholme - 07966 625420
Billy Carroll - 07943 012959

The guest will become a temporary member of the club for that particular day so as to be covered by the clubs insurance.